The Athene

The Athene is rated at a peak power of 2,000W into 8 ohms and 4,000W into 4 ohms. It is housed in our M4 chassis and has the same high-current output stage as the Apollo.

The Athene is designed for precise full range amplification, capable of sustained high power output. The output stage features 100 high-performance audio-grade power transistors with a peak current capacity of 720 amperes.

The Athene can drive any channel in a high-performance split system.




Input sensitivity: 1.55 Vrms
Input impedance: 10 kohm
Voltage gain: +38 dB or +26 dB, switch-selectable
Peak power output: 2kW/8ohm; 4kW/4ohm; 2ohm stable
Peak output voltage: 126 Vac, ±179 Vpp
Peak output current: 120 A
Frequency range: 1Hz–100kHz
Full-power bandwidth: 5Hz-25kHz
Minimum rated load: 4ohm
Damping factor: > 1000
Output noise: < 40uVrms
Dynamic range: > 126 dB linear; > 132 dB A-weighted
THD+N: < -92dB (0.0025%)
Mains voltage: 230/115Vac, factory pre-configured
Power draw: 200W idling; < 20W standby
Max current draw: < 10A / 230V
Inputs: XLR balanced, RCA unbalanced
Trigger voltage: 12V in, 12V out
Trigger input/output: 3.5mm jacks
Dimensions: 440(w) x 298(h) x 545(d), mm
Weight: ~75kg, 105kg shipping

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