The Aura

The Aura is a compact, yet powerful loudspeaker system, bringing studio-quality sound to the home. It is intended for rooms from 12 up to 25 sq.m. It should be placed near the wall for optimal bass response.

The forward firing flat port allows a higher air velocity relative to a round port and thus noiseless operation, even at high volume.

Driver placement, a custom waveguide of the tweeter and careful crossover design enable the Aura to achieve excellent timing and a wide, relatively uniform radiation pattern in both the horizontal and vertical planes, thus allowing music to be enjoyed from almost any listening position.

The smooth impedance of the Aura presents an easy load to amplifiers, enabling them to deliver their peak performance.

The crossover incorporates a 5-position rotary switch. Frequency response can be fine-tuned to adapt the system to room acoustics and personal preference.

The Aura matches perfectly with our M75 series amplifiers, delivering dynamic, room- filling sound without overwhelming the living space.

Tonal accuracy, high efficiency, very low distortion and excellent power handling enable the Aura to render music in its full glory. If you have been searching for a loudspeaker that is able to delver great sound in a compact package, the Aura may be the perfect choice!

Finishing options

The Aura is available in Brushed Black or Brushed Titanium finish. Grille cover is a special, acoustically transparent black cloth.

The grille attaches by magnets, thereby avoiding any visible fasteners or ugly pegs. Magnets are also embedded in both side panels, so when removed from the front, the grilles can be placed on the side of the speaker instead of on the floor.

The included stands are in a matching finish, complete with spikes and floor protector pucks. (not shown).

The stems of the stands are intentionally hollow to allow cables to be routed through them for more pleasing optics. This feature has no effect on sound.


Technical specifications

Frequency response, in-room 30Hz-25kHz (+/-3dB)
Nominal impedance 8 ohm (min 6.5ohm)
Sensitivity @2.83Vrms, 1m on tweeter axis 91dB
Power handling 150W AES, 250W peak
Woofer 8” special paper cone
Tweeter 1” silkdome
Dimensions (mm) 490(h) x 272(w) x 330(d)
Height with stand (mm)
Net weight 18kg
Weightwith stands 25kg

All specifications subject to improvement

The Aura







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